Sanger 2023-2031 Housing Element

A Housing Element is a state required element of a City’s General Plan. The Housing Element must be updated every eight (8) years and includes goals, objectives, policies, and implementation programs that address the maintenance, preservation, improvement, and development of housing in city limits. In addition, the Housing Element Update identifies sites appropriate for the development of multifamily housing. The Housing Element Update also includes other amendments necessary to comply with recent changes in State law.

In California it is typical for each city or county to prepare and maintain its own separate general plan and housing element. However, Fresno County and 14 of the 15 cities in Fresno County, with the help of the Fresno Council of Governments (FCOG), are preparing a Multi-Jurisdictional Housing Element for the sixth round of housing element updates. The Fresno County Multi-Jurisdictional Housing Element represents an innovative approach to meeting State Housing Element law and coordinating resources to address the region’s housing needs.

For more information, please visit the Fresno COG website:

City of Sanger Staff Contact:  Derek Sylvester
                                               (559) 876-6300 x 1540 

Public Review Draft, August 2023

The City of Sanger posted the Public Review Draft Housing Element on August 29, 2023.

See links below to review:

Local Sanger Sections, click here.

Regional Multi-Jurisdictional Sections, click here.  

Please review this draft by the end of September. To submit comments and questions on the draft and/or to sign up for email updates on for the Housing Element Update process, including upcoming public meeting dates, contact: Derek Sylvester at (559) 876-6300 x1540 or via email at