Reserve Officers

The Sanger Police Department Reserve Program is comprised of community members who volunteer in a similar capacity and role as a full-time sworn police officer. Reserve officers receive the same training as full-time officers and work alongside them in every aspect of the department's operations.

We are continuously seeking qualified community members who meet the high standards necessary to become a Sanger Police Officer. Applicants must have graduated from a Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) approved academy and will be required to complete the same hiring process as a full-time police officer.

The Benefits of Becoming a Sanger Reserve Police Officer

  • Continual firearms training
  • Continual skills and advanced officer training
  • Monthly stipend
  • Uniforms and equipment issued by the department

Common Duties of a Reserve Officer

  • Community events
  • Crime prevention programs
  • Crime scene assistance
  • Patrol coverage
  • Prisoner medical clearance
  • Prisoner transport
  • Warrant service
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