Ambulance Billing

Fees for Emergency Medical Services

Since the mid-1960s the Fire Department has provided basic and advanced life support ambulances to the community of Sanger and surrounding county areas. This service is a fee-for-service, where the costs of the ambulance service are not borne by the General Fund. Revenues from the ambulance service offset the costs of providing this service to the public. In the mid-1970s the Fire Department did ambulance billing internally and invoices were sent to the patient for payment. In 1992 the service was contracted out to an external vendor and had remained outsourced to external vendors since.

Ambulance Biller

Today, much like doctor's offices and urgent care visits, patient insurances are billed as a courtesy to the customer and in August of 2018, the billing function for emergency services was brought in-house. The ambulance biller works with local facilities to determine demographic information and confirm eligibility for benefits. She is responsible for posting payments and correspondence from customers, process claims to insurance companies and submits requests for refunds of over-payments.

Insurance & Payment Information

If you receive an Ambulance billing notice from the City of Sanger Fire Department, please complete the insurance and payment information, and return it using the envelope provided. You may also include a copy of your insurance card information. If you have not received a bill and would like to provide insurance and payment information, please contact Ambulance Billing at 559-399-8013.

Payment Options

If you are providing your co-pay or paying for services yourself, please provide a personal check, cashier's check, or money order. Include the account number on the check and mail it envelope provided. 

Medical Records

Medical records are only issued to the involved party mentioned in the report unless the involved party is a minor. In that case, the report can be issued to the biological parent or legal guardian.


All other requests for EMS records are obliged through a signed "Release of Liability" and a Subpoena from the requesting party. The cost for medical records is $15 per person and must be paid at the time of the request. For more information, please contact our Ambulance Billing Services at 559-399-8013, Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.